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Tips for Growing a Website’s Online Presence from Brand Reputation Management Experts

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The brand reputation management experts at Reputation Maxx know the value of understanding how to achieve crawlable link structures that enable web browser spiders to browse the paths of a website. The ideal link structure includes useful links that lead to important information both on the same domain as well as others. Here are two helpful tips to use for brand reputation management solutions.

  • Internal Links – Internal links are links on a website pointing to additional content on that same site. These links do build relevance for search; however, reputation experts also recommend using them for brand reputation management such as helping readers to locate supplementary content within the same domain. Internal links, or hyperlinks that target the same website, are the most informative when they utilize keyword phrases. Using descriptive keywords for anchor text provides the topic the source page is targeting, and in turn, enables readers to find significant content.
  • External Links – Brand reputation management experts explain that external links are those links that lead outside of an individual’s or organization’s website in order to connect to other domains. In other words, external links point to content on a different site. For smart SEO practices, be sure to use external links sparingly and only link to quality sites providing relevant and helpful information that will complement your site. Use an external link to offer credible material that in turn will increase the site’s credibility and readership/customer base.

Reputation Maxx provides reputation management solutions for individuals and companies to improve their online reputations and increase brand awareness.

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